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For our November meeting, troop 62373 performed farm chores at the Natick Organic Community Farm. Chores including collecting and washing eggs, feeding rabbits, cleaning hutches, raking gravel and spreading out old donated bread for chickens. Responsibility was the meeting’s focus. As a treat, the girls got to pet rabbits and bunnies (!) and visit with the other animals.

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Learn how to make your own Pizza here in Medfield at:

Town Talk Mediterranean 

2518, 26 Park Street

Medfield MA

(508) 359 8777

Pizza Dough

Pizza making

Email HERE to send your photos and contact details about your successful meetings.

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Have your Troop Meeting ideas displayed here

Connect with an older Troop working on their Bronze award and ask them to come and present their mission to the younger ones. This will help their Bronze award make their mission sustainable as they're carrying the mission forward by educating.

Educating Brownies

older Troop teaching younger troop

Spend quality time learning from our Seniors by doing a craft with them at the Senior Center.

Both the young and the old get so much from this interaction.

Contact: (508) 359-3665

Senior Center Bee Education

make a craft with the seniors

Contact: Susan Robinson


from Norfolk Bee Association to give a very fun and interactive presentation on Bee Keeping and how we can look after their environment.

(Meeting was held at the Medfield Public Safety Building.



Save the bees

Contact the Public Safety building to arrange a tour of the Fire and Police Building:



learn how medfield is protected

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